Monday, October 6, 2008

Before and After coming soon!

I will have several before and after projects very soon. After church, I got busy and primed a desk, a dresser, a mirror, and a tall set of drawers. I am using paint colors green, black, and turquoise. The green vanity that I have in my booth space is getting a mirror added to it! When I bought the vanity in Austin the man had broken the mirror that went with it but he still had the frame and hardware. I decided to take it just in case I decided to get the mirror replaced. When we refinished our hall bath we took the mirror down and replaced it with a smaller mirror. I took that mirror today and they said that they could cut that mirror to fit the antique frame. I also had another vanity mirror that was broken and I was able to salvage enough to cut a mirror for it also. So the old mirror from the bathroom made two mirrors for the antique vanities! By the way, we are supposed to have someone come and work on the kitchen project! This is the 3rd painter that has said that he would do the job. Hopefully the 3rd one is the charm! I am so ready to get that project completed. He is also going to paint the master bath, master bedroom, and my new sewing room. So keep your fingers crossed that he follows through with the job. I promise to post pictures when he gets started on the painting. I leave you with a few pictures from Wellspring Bed and Breakfast in Round Top Texas. Have a Magnificent Monday!


  1. Beautiful indeed! Really looks like a magazine lay-out.

    My husband has put some beaded pine in places here too, painted white, it's very clean and reminiscent of a former time.

    I am curious as to whether you had the side-baord fit the opening or viceversa. It does all look really really nice.

    You have a good eye for things, tho when I enlarged the bedroom photo I did see a couple specks on the carpet so you may want to be more careful of that in the future. Ha, ha.


  2. Ahhh, those were from the B&B. Get it now.