Sunday, August 17, 2014

In Between - Ombre Four Drawer Side Table

I'm still working on the guest bedroom make over and it's getting there. But "in between" that project I've been painting a few pieces that I picked up at an estate sale. 
The four drawer pine side table seemed perfect to paint ombre. I have pinned several ombre painted desk, chest, tables, etc. and when I purchased this little table I knew that I would try my hand at ombre style painting. What color would I paint it? The newest color Thomasville Teal by CeCe Caldwell's Paints would be a good color to use in my opinion and I was itching to use this beautiful new color. 
I decided to paint the bottom drawer teal. The third drawer and the base of the table I painted a mixture of 8:1 of the Thomasville Teal with Dover White to get a shade lighter than the full strength Teal. The second drawer I added more Dover White until I got a shade lighter. And the top drawer was painted in Vintage White and then I finished the entire piece with Endurance. 
This was a fun painting project that I will definitely do again.
I apologize for the pictures but I had planned to take better ones in the shop but it didn't last very long. If you want to try this type painting technique stop in to purchase your paint or shop online with us at

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