Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Part 2: Guest Bedroom Make Over

When you start a painting project or a room make over how do you begin? I am going to share today how I begin a project. I'm sure everyone has their own way of doing things but I think it's interesting to peek into others lives to get new ideas. I don't suppose I ever stop learning and in my opinion it's important to keep an open mind on learning. So today I am going to show part of the guest room and how it is decorated at this time. I like to start out with a blank slate if possible so I will remove all the furniture that it is in the room first. I will give the carpet, windows, base boards, etc. a good cleaning before placing the furniture back into the room. If I were going to paint the walls I would do that next but this room was painted not long ago and it's a neutral color that will work for what I am wanting to do. 
I have an inspiration picture that I am using from Pinterest. I have decided to add more color in this room with the bed linens and furniture. As you will see in the photos the room was more shabby chic with a pop of color in my pillows. 
I removed the ceiling fan several years ago with a new light fixture and you can see the reflection of the crystals on my wall behind the bed. This was my daughters room and she wanted one of those palm leaf type fans and it just didn't work with my decor when she left for college. It had to go! Take a look at these pictures of the decor as it looks now but soon to change. Come back in a few days for another update on this guest room make over. 

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