Friday, October 10, 2014

Toronto and Miss Mustard Seed

After leaving my camera behind in Toronto I am a little late posting about my incredible trip to Toronto and working with Marian Parsons aka Miss Mustard Seed. My trip started with flying out of DFW on Thursday morning and landing in Canada that afternoon. The city of Toronto is beautiful and the weather was perfect.
I decided to grab something to eat in the hotel restaurant and get settled into my room fairly early so I could be ready for the big day on Friday! I must admit I was so excited about meeting Marian and the staff at Homestead House that I had a hard time sleeping. I woke up early and began to get dressed for the day and realized I had not packed a brush! How could I forget a brush of all things?Somehow I "finger" combed my hair and styled it the best I could, slapped some make-up on and headed out the door. 
The first person I met was Megan one of the employees for Home Stead House. Megan filled me in on how we would work the booth and what to expect at the Home Show. She was so cute and sweet! I put my apron on and was ready to talk paint! 
Just a few minutes later Marian and her mom arrived and I introduced myself to them. Marian and her mom are so nice and down to earth. 
It's a good feeling to know that someone with such a big heart and so much talent is the person behind the brand - Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. 
I worked with Marian and Megan the entire day on Friday. Marian signed her Look Book for shoppers, she answered questions, and demonstrated the milk paint. I loved listening to her answer some of the same questions I get asked about Milk Paint versus other paints. I'm a firm believer that I am never to old to learn and this was a great learning experience for me. After a long day of working and meeting some wonderful people I took a cab back to my room and had a nice dinner. I will post what I did on day three tomorrow, so stay tuned for my next post on this dream come true trip.

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