Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Which Paint Brush is the Best?

In my opinion the proper paint brush is very important to achieve the best results when you are painting. But which ones are the best? I have two favorite brands that I use daily - ChalkPro and Global Art. On this post I am going to tell you about ChalkPro paint brushes. 
I use nearly all of this line of brushes because I think they are the best. ChalkPro has 3 sizes of waxing brushes. These brushes are round and flat so you can push the wax into the wood and crevices. We sell ChalkPro brushes really well in all of our locations. As in all natural bristle brushes you can expect a little shedding when you first buy your brush. I suggest that you wash the brush with brush soap and use a steel brush to comb through the bristles. This will help eliminate some of the shedding. After each use if you will wash your nice brushes with soap they will last forever. I use Miss Mustard Seed's Brush Soap on all of my brushes and not only cleans them but conditions them. After I wash and comb the brush I place a paper towel around the bristles to help keep the shape. Natural bristles can become dry and unruly just like our hair!
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