Sunday, August 10, 2008

Linsi's New Place and winding up projects!

chest of drawers with just two of the handles on. I had this piece dipped. I wish I would have to took a before pic. It was an awful black and white. This is the natural wood and we are leaving it this color.
This is the small wardrobe in the dining room. This may be refinished in a turguoise shabby.
The kitchen before she was completely moved in!

The front of her place.

I am posting a few before pictures of Linsi's new place. I think it is really going to be a cute place to fix up and make her own! It is really different from what she has been used to the last eight years. It is more like a small house and not the apartment style from the past. It has old wooden floors, the washer and dryer are in the kitchen, no dishwasher, no microwave, and very cottage looking. I'm excited about helping decorate it. I had found a couple of antique furniture pieces that she liked and she is going to use those in her new place. She also took her grandmothers old desk and put it in the small office area to use for her computer. We are going to refinish the old vanity and the small wardrobe. The small wardrobe is in the dining room and it looks really cute. It has wooden drawers behind the doors and drawers on the bottom so she can store place mats and other things in this. I think we may paint it a turquoise color to have a color that pops in that room. I put the last coat of black paint on the large chest for Haley today and my parents came up and helped me finish staining the dining room chairs. Haley is moving Friday so I have to hurry and finish all her "stuff" before Friday!!! And I go back to work Weds.!!! Yikes I hope I get it all done. Matt, my son moved into his new place this week also. Thank goodness I didn't have to go and help him! Since he is guy he pretty much does his own. His sister help him decorate his room a little and that is it. I've had a great summer and I am ready for School to begin. It's funny how you can't wait until May to get here so you can have those summer months and then when it's time to get started again I'm always ready for the new school year. There is nothing like seeing those sweaty football players doing 2 a days in the hot weather and the volleyball players in the gym working out. I love it! I will post pictures of the furniture when I'm finished. We are still working on the kitchen. The man is coming this week to take the middle cabinets out and then put the trim on the top of the cabinets. We are not in a big hurry on this project so it is coming along slowly. Have a Super Sunday! By the way I found another old suitcase this weekend at Larry's Trade Days and I made another pet bed last night when I got home. I took it to my antique space today and forgot to take a picture! I'll take one tomorrow and post it later.

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  1. Love the wardrobe, what an adorable home, can't wait to see more pictures!!

    Jenny in Maine