Friday, August 1, 2008

Painted Black Furniture Project


I finished the bed side table for Haley's room this weekend. This was an easy project that I was worried might not turn out good but it turned out great! I now have the large chest that matches it to do now and I can't wait to start on it. I removed the drawers and the wooden knobs and I sanded them lightly. I also sanded the sides and top of the bed side table. After that I cleaned the piece with a clean soft cloth and then I painted it with Kilz. I took some of the black Behr paint and added it to the Kilz which made it a grey color. I allowed this to dry for several days and then I painted it with the black latex paint. I put two coats of the black paint for a good coverage. I allowed the black paint to dry for several days too. I think it is important to allow the paint to dry at least 48 hours or longer if you are not in a hurry. Otherwise it tends to be sticky and not shabby as well. After the paint had dried thoroughly I took very fine steel wool and went over the bed side table. I then took a 3M size 60 sponge sander and sanded the high edges of where it would naturally have worn. I then wiped it down really well and put Howard's Citrus Shield Wax in Natural for a finished look. This wax really makes a piece look finished and brings out the color of the paint and the rough edges. Lastly, I added glass knobs instead of the wooden ones. I hope this helps if you are planning to paint furniture black. It really turns out nicely and if you are a fan of Ballard's Designs or Pottery Barn furniture you will be well pleased with your new piece at a much cheaper price! I went to the Benjamin Moore paint store today and asked them about painting a dining room table that has a laminate top. I bought a product from them and they said to paint it on and let it dry for 4 days and then paint over the laminate and it will be fine. I am supposed to sand it before I paint this primer on it and then paint it. I will post later on about this project to let you know how this works out. I bought a really nice french provincial dining table with 4 chairs that I am going to paint black. The cushions on the chair are nice zebra print that is nice upholstery fabric so i am going to leave that on them. I can't decide which one I like better painted white furniture or painted black furniture! Have a great Saturday.

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  1. THank you for the advice on painting furniture!! I have some pieces that I want/need to paint, and have found that sometimes spray paint doesn't cut ;)

    Jenny in Maine