Monday, August 4, 2008

Weather and Projects

The weather has not been cooperating with my painting projects lately! We are getting high winds and rain with the storm activity in the Gulf, so I have been unable to paint on anything the last couple of days. Haley and I had a great visit this weekend. We got her things together and packed for her new apartment. Tomorrow Linsi, my oldest daughter is moving to Dallas and I am going to travel to her new place and help her get settled in. She is really excited about her new place and I can't wait to see it. She says that it is like a little cottage duplex, so I think we are going to have fun decorating it. I am going to take my camera and take some pictures to post of her new place. I will only be there for one day and then I'll head back home. I am going to see what I can work on today(weather permitting)! Have a great Monday!

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