Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More painted furniture almost complete

Things have been selling really well in my antique spaces so I have been busy trying to finish up some of my painting projects so I can put more in my spaces. Tonight I painted a really cute antique dresser a vintage green, I painted a chest of drawers vintage pink, and I also painted a mirror that will sit on top of a dresser a vintage blue. I decided to paint several different pieces different shabby colors so that I could have several choices for the customer. I will let them dry for a couple days and then add the 2nd coat. I will post pictures when I'm finished.
The kitchen project is moving along again! The cabinet man showed up today and he took the cabinets down over the bar. It looks so much better, I love it. When he gets finished I'll post those pictures too. Today is my oldest daughters birthday and she is coming home for a visit this weekend. That always means good cooking and eating! She has already requested grilled shrimp wrapped in peppers and bacon.
I am ready for a little cooler weather! Have a wonderful Weds. Jenny good luck with your furniture painting!

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