Saturday, February 1, 2014

Canton Trade Days - Day 4

Canton Trade Days - Day 4

We woke up to drizzling rain this morning but the crowd was here and I talked paint almost all day! I am so thankful that I can share this great product to so many people. I've talked to folks at every age level. There's those of us that married in the late seventies and we bought a houseful of beautiful maple furniture that we've tired of and we want to give it a new look (paint). Our paints will give it a fresh new look that is amazing. You no longer have to strip the furniture or prime it. This paint is it's own primer and it only takes two thin coats and drying time is SO fast. No one wants to spend weeks working on a piece of furniture. You don't have to with our paints. It's fast and easy to complete a project within a few days. A quart will paint several pieces of furniture. 
Another plus to our paint are the many colors to choose from. Several people when they stopped by to talk paint they mentioned that they loved that we have so many pretty colors. I agree our colors are beautiful.
They are also quite impressed with the thought of the wet distressing instead of using sandpaper. If you go to our website: and click "paint instructions" we have some great tips to help you get started on your projects. If you click through the pictures you will see many of the painted pieces in the store. We will be in Canton one more day so stop by and see us tomorrow. It's supposed to be quite cold but we will be in booth 4268 "talking paint"! Have a blessed day!
SOLD to a sweet girl who's going to use it for a coffee bar in her home. I hope she shares photos with us on facebook when she get's it set up!

My two beautiful daughters who stopped in to give a helping hand.
SOLD several of these pillows this weekend. One of my favorites!

My beautiful and wonderful Mom who has worked really hard to make the last four days a success. 

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