Sunday, July 27, 2014

Do You Want to Paint Your Furniture?

Have you picked up a new Pottery Barn Catalog lately? Painted furniture is really popular right now and some of their pieces will make your mouth water. I love all the colors they are using. In the Pottery Barn for Kids my favorite colors are gray and lilac. They have the cutest bedding to go with everything, too! The prices are steep but the good news is you can paint your own so easily. We have customers come into the store everyday and ask this question, "Do I have to strip it and sand it before I paint?" The answer is no you don't have to do any of that before you begin painting with CeCe Caldwell's Chalk + Clay paints.
Here are the easy steps to painting with this wonder paint:

1. Clean the furniture with Simple Green
2. Paint the first coat of CeCe paint and let dry (usually will be dry in 30 min)
3. Apply the second coat of CeCe paint and let it dry
4. Wet distress ( no sanding)
5. Let the piece dry for 24 hours and apply a finish

*There are exceptions to these instructions on certain types of wood. We have experienced some "bleeding" with Mahogany but there are remedies for those problems. We recommend sealing the wood with a good clear coat before painting. This seals the tannins and oils in the wood and usually prevents any bleeding.
All of CeCe Caldwell's paints are made in the USA and are earth friendly. You can throw a drop cloth down in your kitchen and start painting because there are no harmful fumes.
Let us help you start your next project and guide you through the process of changing your furniture from drab to fab. We love seeing the transformations our customers share with us everyday either through facebook or in our shop on their cellphones.
I will be working at Fresh tomorrow from 9-5 and would love to see what you are working on or about to start.
So what are you working on these days?

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