Sunday, July 20, 2014

To Cook or Paint- that is the question?

Would you rather cook or paint? My answer to that question is easy - painting over cooking any day! But during the summer months when fresh vegetables are coming in from the garden, I have to admit I find it easier to cook. My favorite vegetable dish this time of year is okra and tomatoes. My mom and sister do a ton of cooking and both are excellent cooks. I know how to cook it's just not something that I "love" to do. My mom and dad have a small garden and they shared okra, green beans, and tomatoes with me. I cooked a nice little meal and enjoyed every bite of it! Here is my recipe for the okra -
-Two pieces of bacon cooked with chopped onion
-Add the okra and tomatoes and cook until tender
Simple and delicious. Here are a few pictures of the meal I enjoyed. Have a great week and I'll be painting the next few days. Postings coming soon on what I am working on. 

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