Monday, November 17, 2014

Start with Something Small - CeCe Cinco Bayou Moss

Right now could not be a better time to start a painting project. I know, I know, it's cold outside and you don't want to be out in the elements painting! Well, you don't have too, our paints are all natural and you can paint inside year around if you want. There are many advantages painting with all natural paints and that is just one. 
What else? It's not harmful, easy clean-up, and a little goes a long way.
One sample of paint will paint a small table or stool. 
So if you have been contemplating painting with this miracle paint grab a small piece of furniture and get started.
This small table was painted in Cinco Bayou Moss with California Gold. I layered the paints and then finished the top with antiquing cream. The base of this table was in great condition so I didn't paint it.
Do you recognize this table? In an earlier post on stripping furniture this table was the one with the painted roses. Remember?

Normally I don't strip before I paint with the chalk and clay paint but the roses were painted with a textured type mixture and I wanted the top to be smooth. Even after stripping the top you could see the imprint of the roses so I sanded it smooth and then painted.

Check out our website for instructions and ordering. We also have classes at our main store where we give you one on one instructions on how to use our paint lines. Happy Painting!!!

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