Sunday, July 13, 2008

Getting Things Done!

after the green paint


I have been a bad blogger because I have been super busy this week. They finished the tile in the kitchen today and I will take pictures later to show the project thus far. It looks really nice and now we are moving to phase 2 of this project. We moved everything out of the kitchen today so that we can start taking the trim down and begin painting. I also painted a pink door and three blue doors. I will post pics of the doors when I'm finished. I am putting these in my antique space for backdrops. I moved into a new space Saturday and before I could get my green dresser into my space a lady bought it! I was so excited but I really wanted to have it in my space so I could use it to decorate my booth. The lady said that she was going to leave it for a couple of weeks, but then she called back and said she was picking it up, so Haley and I came back to the house and picked up some other items to fill the space. I am going to look for another dresser to paint that same green....I really liked the way it turned out. I didn't get to take a picture of this project complete in my space like I wanted. But I will post one before and after that I have. Haley has been so much help this week and I have enjoyed her visit so much. I'm going to miss her when she heads back to Austin tomorrow. She took a swimming aerobics class this past spring semester and she should me some of the exercises that she learned and we have been exercising in the pool mornings and afternoons. I purchased a aqua jogger set and I think I am really going to enjoy doing this in the pool. We have been eating my husband Jimmy's great cooking all week along with my mom's great cooking, so I need to exercise in that pool for sure! Jimmy went Creek fishing and caught some of the best creek trout, so we had that one night and then we ate his great bbq. another night. Since the kitchen is out of order right now we are doing alot of cooking outside and around the pool. I'll be heading to Austin this week, so along the way I may find some treasures!


  1. Okay, Nancy... I don't know if that's Jimmy's or Mom's creation in the top photo, but I MUST have the recipe!!! It looks like it was slow cooked on a low temp to perfection where the meat falls off the bone!!!

    I can see why the green sold so quickly - what a GREAT shade!!

    Can't wait to see more pix of the kitchen! Oh - and you said I should just knock a hole through the wall over my kitchen sink and put a window in. Unfortunately, if I did that, my view would be of the toilet in our bathroom, so I guess that's out of the question!...Donna

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