Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kitchen Makeover

Red Geranium Arrangement

Before the Formica was removed.

After the Formica was removed.

They took most of the Formica off the cabinets yesterday. I am posting a few pictures of the kitchen before and after. I will keep you posted on the makeover! I am going to start working on taking down that yucky plaid wallpaper. I hope this is the last wallpaper I ever have to take down. We built our house in the early 80's and wallpaper was the BIG thing during that era, so I had wallpaper all over the house. I bought the stainless sink yesterday and I have the faucet ordered for the kitchen and bathroom. I am also making over the master bathroom. When they start putting the tile in their I will post pictures of that makeover. The laundry room is also getting a face lift and I will keep you posted on that room also.I decided to go with a stainless sink because I would like to get a stainless refrigerator later on for the kitchen. I also included a picture of an arrangement that my mom made for my front door. I bought the red geraniums and the basket container in Canton last month. Today I am going to move my booth space to another space and I am going to look for a new light fixture for the kitchen. Then when I get back I am going to work on that wallpaper removal. And then hopefully tonight I will work on the green dresser and finish it up. I wanted to let it sit for a couple of days to make sure the paint is good and dry. Haley, my youngest daughter is coming home for a visit next week. She and I are going to work on some of the furniture from her grandmothers house. She is going to get an apartment this fall semester and she is excited about decorating it. She wants to use some of the furniture that belonged to her grandmother, so we are going to decide which pieces she will use in her new place. She is so excited about being in an apartment. She was in the Scottish Rites Dorm her first semester at U.T. and it was a great experience but she is ready for her own room and a bigger closet! Well I need to get busy....lots to do today! Have a blessed day.


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  2. I went through a kitchen remodel 2 years ago and remember all the fun I had and all the hassles as well. In the end you will love it but getting it all together seems impossible. I look forward to the end result. I actually cook more now that I have a beautiful new kitchen.

    Lots of love,

    Debbie Kay

  3. Oh, Nancy - I'm so jealous! I want to make over my kitchen! We should swap sinks! LOL I have stainless and want the white sink just like yours! And I want your WINDOW! Can you believe that our little split entry has NO window in the kitchen?? What was the MAN who designed these houses thinking?? No way a woman designed it! Here we thought this was just going to be our starter home and then we'd move on... 27 years later we're still here - and still windowless! LOL I can't wait to see your makeovers! Sounds like you have a lot of projects planned!...Donna