Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good finds and RIVER fun!

Saturday was a good day for buying good furniture to refinish and shabby up and it was a GREAT day to float the Guadalupe River in San Marcos. Linsi and I shopped that morning for furniture pieces and after lunch we picked Haley up from work and headed to San Marcos to float the River. None of us had ever done this before but it was fun and beautiful. If my camera still works (it's drying out) I will post pictures later. I took some really great ones but at the very end of the trip we went through a rough rapid and the camera got wet. Hopefully after is dries out for a couple of days it will work again. We are going back to the city wide sale today and pick up the treasures we found and shop a little more today. I am going to have a ton of painting to do when I return home. I found the cutest children's desk and chair yesterday that came from England. I'm going to leave it as is because it is fine like it is. I also found a antique bed, bench, vanity, and armoire that will be perfect for refinishing. It has a few minor things that I will have to fix but overall it is going to be a really nice set when I'm finished. I am going to have to make another trip here to pick up all my treasures because my car is not big enough to bring it all back home. I am still searching for a cargo trailer but no luck finding a good used one yet. The linens were really nice yesterday too, so I purchased a few of those to clean and put in my space at the antique store. I am going to sand Linsi's headboard today and finish it with Howard's citrus shield wax and that project will be complete. Linsi likes it much better painted white and is excited about getting her new place fixed up with some of the things we've bought and redone. I am returning home tomorrow with as many of my things as I can fit into my SUV! Have a great Sunday.

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