Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More projects when I return home.

Well I had great luck today finding great furniture to refinish. I can't wait to get started on the pieces that I picked up today. I picked up the furniture from the place in San Marcos and I was a little shocked at the cost. Not what I anticipated at all but it's done so I will have to live with it! I will either find a less expensive place or continue to refinish it all myself. Linsi's chest turned out beautiful. Today I found two antique dresser's to take home and refinish, they were in excellent condition and so were the mirrors that went with them. I plan to paint another one green like the other one that sold quickly and maybe light blue on one of them. I am about to go to Home Depot to look at paint and other supplies that I might purchase before I head home tomorrow. I am wanting to find the liquid sandpaper that many people talk about using on their painted projects. I would like to try that method of refinishing also. I am having good luck with using the Kilz and sandpaper with my projects but I would like to try new ways also. We have a cabinet person giving us a price on removing the cabinets above the bar for us and he is going to give us price on putting the trim above the cabinets and taking out the fir down above our cabinets. So I will post pictures of that when we get that done. All the sinks are in now and when I get home I'll post more pictures of that too. Things are slowly getting done. School is about to start again so I am hoping to get things back in order soon. Things get really hectic when I start back teaching and coaching. Wow, 2 blog posts in one day! Michelle from London commented and I tried to comment back but I was unable to comment, so if you read this Michelle thanks for the comment and I wish you good luck with your painting projects. Be careful because I think it can be addictive!

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