Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kitchen countertop is finished


The kitchen counter top is finished. We need to install the new sink and insert the stove top. We will probably do that tomorrow. I am very pleased with the new counter tops. The next phase of this project will be to tear out the overhead cabinets above the bar. I think someone is coming to look at that Sunday afternoon. As soon as that is done then we can start on the walls and the cabinets. My sister, Lisa came for a visit and spent the night with me Tuesday and we had a really nice visit. I am going back to Austin to bring back some of the furniture that I bought to refinish and I will finish Linsi's headboard when I return. I need to sand it one more time and then put the wax on it and it will be finished. Linsi found a nice place to live in Dallas and she is excited about fixing it up! It's an older place that is cottage style so we are making plans on how to decorate it. Until next time, have a great week.

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