Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Black and White Curtains

I made these black and white curtains for Linsi's new place. The balloon shade was made for the window on the kitchen door and the other curtain was made for the doorway that leads into her office that is off of the kitchen. She painted the kitchen a pretty robin's egg blue and we thought the black and white would look nice with this color. We found this cute piece of Waverly fabric at Jo Ann's Fabric store. I have made curtains many times for my house but this was my first time to make a balloon shade. I plan to make one for my kitchen when the kitchen project gets finished.

I made it back home today with no problems. There were several towns that I went through that were without power. There were quite a few trees that had blown down and the gas lines were very long. Most gas stations were out of fuel and closed.

Our school is closed until Monday. I haven't decided what projects I will work on while I'm out of school! I have so many to choose!

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  1. Hi, I realize you posted this about 2 years ago.... but I really like the door curtain and am going to make some for my home. Can you tell me if there was any sewing involved, or did you just attach ties to the curtain tops and tie them up?