Saturday, September 20, 2008

Storage and more storage

I have been working on the sewing room today. There is so much to organize and arrange. I bought a neat storage drawer set. As soon as I find a desk that I want to purchase for my sewing/craft/office I am going to set this cute wooden storage unit on top of the desk. I finished a cute vanity stool today and a white tray. I bought a cute black and white print of oil cloth fabric and covered the bottom of the tray with it and it turned out nice. I love the curved legs on the white vanity stool. These two items will be for sale in my shop soon. When the walls get painted I want to put black shelves on two of the walls. I'm not sure yet where to purchase those or if I am going to have make those myself. Well we are getting ready to go to my parents house to eat White Perch! My favorite kind of fish to eat!

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