Monday, September 15, 2008

Storms and Shopping

The Before Picture of the dining Chairs




Well "IKE" changed his course and I once again fled to another town out of storms way! This time I went to Austin to visit Haley and Matt. We were released early from school last Thursday and it took me 6 1/2 hours to get here because of all the road blocks before the storm. I found a new place to buy fabric and it has beautiful fabrics for decorating and the prices are very good. I bought several pieces for pillows and possibly curtains. Haley wants a few floor pillows and couch pillows for her apartment so I am going to make those when I return home. I plan go back home tomorrow. I have been worried about the roads that are closed and the delay of returning but I think it should be safe to return now. I've eaten at all my favorite places since I've been here...Chuy's, La Madeline's, Dirty Martins,and Houston's. Austin has the best places to eat and such a good range of whatever you are hungry for. I brought my tool box and drill and hung Haley's shelves and pictures for her apartment. Accessories make such a difference in a place.
I've posted a few "Before" and "After" picures of some of the furniture that I painted black for her apartment. The dining table and chairs were her grandmother's. I recovered the cushions and re-stained the chairs. I took the chairs to a place and had them dipped. This took all the finish off of them and left them bare wood. My mom, my dad, and me re-stained them. The table was in good shape so I didn't have to refinish it. I used Howard's polish and it looked fine. The black painted furniture really turned out nice. I replaced the wooden knobs with clear glass knobs.

Haley and I went all over Austin today looking for her a cooler for the Red River Shootout. We went to several Targets and several Academy's and they were sold out of ice coolers for some reason. Come to find out the Evacuees from the storm were buying all of them! So we finally found one further out on Southwest Parkway. Her room mate Nikki is decorating it for her and it is really cute. The OU/UT game is such a big deal at UT. She's really excited about going this year

I hope the Hurricane Season is over for us and we can get on with our daily routines. We have only had one full week of school so far!

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  1. Love that dresser. That was a big job! Blessings Denise