Friday, September 19, 2008

Organizing the Sewing Room with Elfa

I am constantly trying to get organized! So therefore, I'm constantly searching for ways to help me organize. The sewing/craft room is the hardest room to organize for me. Last winter I bought Elfa systems to organize the laundry room, my kitchen pantry, and a couple of closets in my house. They are so easy to assemble and the people that work in the Container Store that help you in that department are so helpful. You need to have all your measurements for the project before you go to the store. You can go online to their website and they will explain exactly how to measure whatever you are going to organize. Once you have your measurements the Elfa advisor will get on a computer and help you design your project. They will ask you questions about what you plan to store such as books, shoes, sweaters, etc. Then they suggest different designs for your needs. They also have units set up in the store so you can get ideas about how things look when you have them installed.

When you get the design that fits your needs they print off the installation instructions and the blue print of your design. It's really neat because the program prints a top view and a front view which makes it easier to read when you begin installation. When I went in this time I told them I wanted to design a sewing/craft room. The guy that helped me designed the wall that I wanted in my sewing room. I couldn't decide what color I wanted to use so I decided to bring it home and think about it before I buy. But I did buy a drawer unit. I LOVE these! I have two in the laundry room and one in the computer closet. They are easy to assemble and very functional. I put this one together last night and have already started organizing my sewing/craft items. I wanted it to fit under my cutting table and to have wheels so that I could move it about. I could roll it in the closet if I wanted. I could also have several of these in my sewing room. They would easily fit a the end of my sewing cabinet to store items. I've just started organizing this sewing room that I moved from upstairs so I will keep posting other things that I do in this room.

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