Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back Porch Party

I finished the cushions in time for the back porch party today! I'm glad I decided to join in because it made me have a deadline to finish them! I am posting pictures of the back porch instead of the front porch because it's my favorite place to relax. I bought the fabric from JoAnns Fabrics and I have enough to make pillows. I will do that a little later on. The fabric is supposed to be for outdoors and have some special treatments to prevent fading. We will see! I made my own pattern from freezer paper.I added a cute bow to the back of the cushion for the swing. If you would like insructions on how to make these cushions just ask. I used to own a sewing shop so I know quite a few neat tricks when it comes to sewing. My shop was geared towards French Handsewing and those kinds of things. I had two lovely friends that taught me so much and we also took many classes to learn some neat techniques of sewing. Of course my children all had to wear my creations(even my son)! He didn't mind at the time but when he looks at pictures of him now he says,"Mom why did you dress me like that?" LOL....because I could.! I am also posting a few garden pictures. Behind my swing there is a small pond with koi and a small waterfall. A few years ago I got on a kick with water gardens and I had several in the yard. This was the first one we built and I liked it best so this is the one that I have kept. I had put several different things in this area of the yard but the pond was the best idea. Some of the banana trees are dead from winter but are coming back. I have cut some of the old trees but there are still a few behind the pond as you can see in the pictures. I need to get on my rubber boots and get behind there and trim....another project! The wind here in Texas has been blowing really hard the last 3 days, so my plants are drying out fast everyday. And since the wind was blowing so hard I picked a flower bouquet for my house. The wind was destroying my rose blooms so I decided to enjoy them inside. I added fern, japanese irises, and a begonia to make it pretty.I hope you enjoy my back porch as much as I do! Have a great day....


  1. I love your porch, the pond, the aqua furniture, the swing. It all blends together to make a perfect spot to relax the day away or cool down after a busy hot summer day. I'm glad youjoined the party.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  2. Your furniture with those cute cushions is so great! What a beautiful and inviting porch, I just love it! xo!

  3. I love your aqua furniture! Your porch looks like a lovely place to pass the time :)

    Have a beautiful day,

  4. What a spot! Love the green chairs! A perfect punch of color. Great job on the cushions!
    Have a great day!
    -Heather :)

  5. Beautiful porch and flowers. I bet it is already hot there. I live in Mississippi.I have lots of family in Houston.

  6. Hello Sweet Nancy!

    I LOVE your Back Porch! It is so relaxing and cozy! Bet you have some fun family gatherings there! I love your cushions! You are an inspiration to me! enjoyed my visit!

    Enjoy your porch, I have!


  7. Your porch is truly beautiful, and the cushions are so lovely. What a cozy place to entertain. karen

  8. Hey Sis,

    I love the cushions and you know I love your pretty back porch. I"ll see you tomorrow and we will have coffee on that beautiful porch.

  9. I love your back porch, and the new cushions are beautiful. I love the fabric.

  10. Hi Nancy!
    Love the porch - and the metal chairs! I have a set of four I'm getting ready to paint (they came to me dark green) I'm thinking of painting them all a different color.
    I scrolled back a few posts and saw where you had been to Linda's booth in Canton - isn't she a sweetheart? I fell in love with her conservatories the first time I saw one and was determined to own one. I took her the windows I had left from our remodel and she made me one from my windows. It sits on my front porch and I just love it. (I didn't participate in the porch party - I'm trying to get ready to go out of town for the weekend and I'm just now getting to look at all the lovely porches!)
    I'll have to look up where Newton is. I'm in Jacksonville - just south of Tyler.

  11. Oh yes... I could certainly sit here a spell! The cushions look great! Seems sewing, esp. hand sewing, is a dying art these days. You are fortunate indeed to have learned.

  12. Hi! Nice to meet you! That view is amazing,And I love your porch, especially your furniture. see you soon

  13. Oh my gosh, Nancy - I love your back porch/deck/patio!!! I would live out there, I swear! Those seat cushions you made for the chairs and swing are fantastic - oh, boy, could I use a seamstress at my house! I can barely thread a needle. Those two green rusty chairs are divine!!! I love your cherub fountain and your pond - I love it all!! Thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos! And I'm so glad that you and your mom and sister had a fantastic day! When I read your posts about doing this with your mom, it brings back warm memories of my mom and I doing fun things like that together, so thank you...Donna

  14. Finally found my way here from the porch party! And oh my goodness, am I glad I did! Your back porch just takes my breath away, it is so beautiful! There are so many things I love about it but among my favorites are those old metal chairs and the adirondack chairs. My grandmother had chairs just like that up at the lake, and I wish so much we stilll had them. This is utterly gorgeous and looks so welcoming and homey. I saw sunbrella fabric just like that at the Joanne Fabrics here! And it was very reasonably priced too!