Friday, June 13, 2008

Hair Cut!

Whew...I have been busy, busy....Let me catch up on what we have been doing! We have celebrated Haley's birthday everyday...LOL! They have the best eating places in Austin and we have managed to visit several of them. We went to hear a really good young Country music singer at Hill's Cafe. This is a nice place that singers go and sing in the back under these huge oak trees and it's really pretty. The singer was Johnny Cooper and he is only 19 but had a great voice. Yesterday was Haley's birthday so we got up early and went to a neat place called "Milk and Honey". We got a massage, pedicure, and manicure. It was DIVINE. This was Haley's first time to get a massage and she was nervous. Now she is hooked and can't wait to get another one. For dinner we met up with some of her friends and ate at a place on the lake called "Hula Hut". Great atmosphere and great food. We got the Mango Quesadila's....yummy. My son didn't get to come because he broke his wrist playing basketball. This is the 3rd time he's broken one of his wrist. He's okay just aggravated that it happened. Today I am getting a much needed hair cut and color from the Salon here that I love. I have pictures of the different places we have visited but I have to get them off of Linsi's camera. I hope to visit the antique mall today. Also, I got a nice surprise this morning when I checked my blog. Donna at An Enchanted Cottage has tagged me. This is the first time for me and since all this blogging is new I am going to figure out what to do and join in that fun. She was nice and told me when I get back home, unpack, catch my breath and join the fun! Thank you Donna for including me in my very first game of blogging tag!!

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  1. HI Nancy..
    Interesting my mom said my grandma wanted to name me Nancy--wish they had..(:)
    Oh I am the same way picky about anything on my clothes..and I also leave the little bit on my plate (BUT I know why I do it) I think I am saving calories hehe..ofcourse I always make up for it as I'm a picker and seem to always find something to stick in my mouth any hour of the day.. ok tagged me did ya(:) fun fun thanks and I'll add you to my favs.. hugs Patty