Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A day of play!

I had a busy day of work. We are trying to hire a few coaches at our school and I interview the ones that apply for the women's coaching positions. I had an interview today with one of the applicants and then I had several other jobs to do at the school today. It's so quiet at the school in the nice! I had lunch with my good friend at a Mexican Rest. in town. We had a nice visit and she is trying to make a pot garden in the back off of her patio. I have convinced her that she needs LIVE plants and not the artificial ones that she has had in her yard. I hate it when she puts fake flowers in her yard....what makes people do that? I think she has gotten rid of all but one. I think she thinks that I haven't noticed her fake ficus tree on the corner but I have and I am just waiting to call her out about! She's getting there though and what she has potted so far really looks great. Hopefully I will get a few things done around my house tomorrow. I picked out porcelain tile for my kitchen countertops today and called the guy who is going to do the work so hopefully I will get that started in the near future. My summer seems to be going by so fast. We will see what I get done tomorrow.....

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