Monday, June 23, 2008

Planting a Succulent Garden

Several weeks ago I purchased a neat little wooden box at a garden shop in Houston. It was on sale at good price and it was perfect for planting a cactus or succulent garden. It had the holes already drilled in the bottom for drainage. I started with a layer of charcoal on the bottom, added cactus potting soil I bought at Lowe's and then when I finished planting the plants I added pea gravel. I also added some large rocks and a cute little green turtle to put the finishing touches on it. Several years ago I planted a similar garden in a broken ornate clay pot. This year one of the plants bloomed these long shoots with pink flowers. I also bought a clay pot with a garden that was already planted to add to my other collection. If you haven't planted any of these plants it's really fun and they are very low maintenance.

I filled my large bird bath with potting soil and added plants. This bird bath is deep and the birds prefer the other two shallow smaller bird baths that I have in my yard. The mosquito's love the deeper bird bath, so I decided to fill it up with plants so I don't have to worry about the mosquito's. I think when the plants start growing and fill out the bird bath it will look good. I hope you have a Terrific Tuesday and God Bless you !

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  1. HI Nancy(almost Nancy here(:) hehe'
    ~~oh thanks on my clock banner I love your ''potting shed'' banner ,so cute is that your back yard??
    Love it~!!
    The succulent planters are just too cool.. I really love them, succulents are so fun aren't they~~They are such pretty green colors and so thick ~~
    I have one or two pots filled with hen'n'chicks ,my favorites..
    well have a fun rest of the day..Big hugs Patty