Thursday, June 19, 2008

A few of my new treasures....

I got up early this morning so that I could beat the heat and water all my plants and not sweat to death! I can't believe all of them are still surviving. My husband Jimmy did a wonderful job watering all of my plants for me while I was gone to Austin. I also took several pictures this morning of several items that I have purchased and plan to work on soon. The dresser that I found is the one I want to paint a vintage green. I still need someone to give me advise on a good mint vintage green. The mirror is so's beveled along the edge. I also posted a picture of my new antique washstand that I put in my dining area. I am so proud of this piece that I got at the last auction. It is in mint condition. I bought some drawer and shelf liners at Marshall's the other day to put in it. The striped beach chair was also another auction steal. I only paid 6.00 for this neat chair. My last trip to Canton I found the cutest door hanger ....check it out. It has a momma bird with her baby birds on it.I went to a store called Z-Gallery while I was in Austin and I bought a candle and stand for the hall bath. I also purchased a blue-green sea-shell that is a candle. And then I added a cute blue glass that was on sale at Mega Marshall's to my table setting. I love these glasses. I had seen these same glasses at Anthropologie for quite a bit more. I only paid 3.99 for mine. Have a Thankful Thursday and try to stay cool!


  1. Hi Nancy~~ Oh wow what great finds you will have.. so much fun fixing up the dressers I used to love doing tha, well still do once inawhile(:) a good mint green ...hummmm not sure, I love all greens ..You will pick a perfect one I'm sure(:)
    Washinton,LA next oh that will be a fun day trip..never been there but antiquing is always so fun~!!..
    Will be back to see.. hugs Patty

  2. You have collected some great things!
    Wanted to let you know I finally responded to your tag. I know, I'm slow. What can I say?